We practice safety first

We take care to ensure all our passengers safety as well as the safety of the creatures we may come across by strictly complying to stringent rules and regulations as set down by the South African Maritime Safety Association and the SABBWWA.

Our tours

We cater for private groups of up to 30 passengers at a time and less as well as group tours and our ocean safaris. Ocean Safaris is 100% BBBEE Company, dedicated to ensuring previously underprivileged South Africans are given opportunities within our industry.

About Ocean Safaris

Ocean Safaris offers an assortment of ocean safaris that includes whale and dolphin watching and marine tours. These tours make for excellent team-building experiences, or are suited for small family groups. The company started in 1997, where small groups of sunbathers were invited to join on a rubber duck to try and spot some dolphins, whales and other ocean creatures. Later in 1999 the company expanded into an officially licensed whale watching company within the Plettenberg Bay region in the Western Cape.

Company Background

Owner Marlon Baartman has worked extensively for many years with Ocean Safaris and he was given the opportunity to acquire the establishment in 2015. As a family run business, Ocean Safaris ensures that we continue the original vision of providing great ocean safari experiences for all our passengers. We are members of the South African Boat-Based Whale Watching Association (SABBWWA); hence we comply with all the regulations set to aid sustainable growth of new Eco-activity within South Africa. Marlon has several years of experience as a skipper along with guide Ashwynn Baartman, which makes Ocean Safaris one of South Africa’s leading ocean tour and whale watching companies in the Western Cape. We ensure not only the safety and well-being of the ocean creatures that we encounter but also of our passengers. All of our skippers are officially trained and accredited by the South African Maritime Safety Association. Our main offices are located within the Garden Route, but we service clients from all over the world.

What creatures you may see on your adventure


Bottlenose Dolphin

a stout-bodied dolphin with a distinct short beak, found in tropical and temperate coastal waters.

Seal Colony

it community of animals of one kind living close together or forming a physically connected structure.

Humpback Dolphins

These dolphins are characterized by the conspicuous humps and elongated dorsal.


Seabirds are birds that are adapted to life within the marine environment. While seabirds vary greatly in lifestyle.

FAQ about Whale Watching and Marine Tours in Plettenberg Bay - Garden Route

Due to limited and minimum number requirements, all trips require prior booking. We need a minimum of 6 persons on the 30 seater boat to be able to launch. Weather and sea conditions as well as tides play a vital role in our business, should any of these be deemed not suitable for launching, the trip will not go. Skippers decision is final.
Milkwood Centre, Hopwood Street, Central Beach , Plettenberg bay Under the stairway next to Pam Golding Properties. GPS: 23° 23.344’ E 34° 03.354’ S Plenty of secure parking (except from 15 Dec to 4 January when beach is busy) Need a transfer, let us know and we can call you a taxi…for your account
Our boats are inspected regularly by the South Africa Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) and our safety certificates are available for inspection. With over 10 years of experience operating marine tours in the area ensures we have the right vessel and equipment to help guarantee your safety on every tour.
Highly qualified and experienced marine guides aboard will guide you through the different species you are likely to encounter, showing you how to identify them and where to look. They will be on hand to answer any questions you might have, talk about the history, geology and wildlife during your adventure!
It is our greatest hope that all of our passengers enjoy the time they spend with us. Our aim is to provide an interesting and informative tour of our bay and their inhabitants. A combination of our local knowledge, experience, educated guesswork, and luck allows most of our guests a chance to see wildlife, however unpredictability is a part of our business. If your expectations exceed these natural limitations, then perhaps you should reconsider wildlife viewing in a natural setting. The animals we watch are WILD, therefore we cannot guarantee sightings on 100% of our trips. However, on any trip that does not sight the specific animal we’re targeting, we will issue our passengers a “VOUCHER”. These guarantees have NO EXPIRY DATE and will be reissued as many times as it takes for you to sight the animal you were looking for. PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE AND IS GOOD ONLY FOR THE PASSENGERS NAMED ON THE TICKET. Please accept this guarantee as a token of our goodwill and with our sincere desire to have you join us again!
Our climate is changing and these changes seem to be affecting our marine life, in particular the Southern Rights. Over the past two years, sightings of Southern Right whales have dropped in our area (don't worry, the population as a whole are on the increase, they are just changing patterns and travelling further Westward), but we see more Brydes and Humpbacks than before. Our dolphin sightings are awesome and include the playful Bottlenose, energetic Commons and the highly endangered Humpback dolphins. A variety of sea birds are sighted as well as the ever growing Cape Fur seal population. A common sightings amongst the Cape Fur seals nowdays is the huge Elephant Seal. There are a lot of other animals sighted like turtles, Otters, Sunfish, Penguins, you never know what you will find ….
Ocean Safaris has been operating longer than any other marine operation in the area which gives us more experience and knowledge. The knowledge and passion and experience of the crew is the reason why Ocean Safaris is also the only company to maintain a 100% sighting rate for this last season.
You, your family and your friends. There is no particular dress, we suggest you wear comfortable clothing and shoes and bring along a jacket. Sun screen, hat and sunglasses are also good items to pack. Camera’s and other gadgets are allowed on board at your own risk
Exploring the coastline and rich waters in and around our bay; searching for whales, dolphins, seals, sharks, seabirds and more. Come on a voyage of discovery as you search for Plettenberg Bays majestic creatures of the deep.

Where can I book:

You can call us on: 082 784 5729 Or email: info@oceansafaris.co.za BOOK ONLINE BY CLICKING HERE